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When a business is certified for an international standard, it means that the operational procedures executed reach the required level in terms of quality, reliability, communication, security, administration policy and customer service.

For instance, ISO 9001, which is the most applied quality standard, certifies the adequacy and sufficiency of the business organization to achieve the requested quality at its goods or services. In food market, following the HACCP hygiene rules is a legal obligation for each business. But a business has the opportunity to be checked for this by an independent certification body, get an ISO 22000 or other certification and exploit it as an extra marketing tool against competition.

Designing and continuously applying a quality management system leads to more effective internal structure, human and natural sources saving, and higher quality. It is a totally personalized process adjusted to the specialties of each company.

During our study, we clear the company targets, we understand the current and future needs and we suggest improvements and control their effects. We support not only the first certification but also the continuous compliance with the standard rules including any possible adjustments.