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The consequences of the climate crisis have created a strong interest in sustainable energy sources, like sun and wind, and its effective use for a cleaner future. Solar irradiation can be exploited into the direct production of electricity through photovoltaic systems or heating though solar thermal water systems. Wind can be transformed by small or bigger wind turbines into electricity.

The installation of such a system is mainly motivated by the energy cost savings that results in. Installations at business places can be supported by EU fundings.

Any investment to these systems is capital intensive, but brings significant reduction of the operational cost. The energy storage will reinforce the interest for these systems, as the produced energy will be better exploited.

The correct design and the proper settings maximize the efficiency and the profit. We proceed with the following steps:

  • Autopsy of the area and evaluation of the energy potential through meteo data software
  • Estimation of the energy self-consumption of the user
  • Preliminary system design and energy production estimation
  • Business plan and viability study based on IRR and NPV indexes
  • Licensing
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Operation monitoring
  • Maintenance and repair services

Having a 15-year long experience in the design of RES projects, mainly photovoltaic plants, with total power over 300MW, and having managed and participated in the construction and supervision of many systems, from a 0,3kW small grid off system in a farm to a 4ΜW photovoltaic park with three LV-MV transformers, MV switching boards and option for control through satellite communication panel, we assure you that we will work and achieve the highest efficiency and duration of your system.