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My name is Konstantinos Papadopoulos. I am an Licensed Electrical Engineer, having the Diploma of Electrical and Computer Engineering from National Technical University of Athens (2006) and having completed the Postgraduate Program on “Energy Production and Management” (2008) from N.T.U.A., too. From 2009, I am member of the Technical Chamber of Greece. Moreover, I am an Authorized Energy Inspector of the Highest Grade.

In my career, I had the honor to participate in the design, management, construction and inspection of a great number of electromechanical projects spread all around Greece, most of them in professional buildings – industry and hotels, photovoltaic investments and energy inspections. I have moved to the island of Naxos, where I have established my own technical office, providing a wide variety of engineering services, locally and nationally.

I provide my services with consistency and accuracy, aiming to fulfil the operational needs of each project after personalized approach and using reliable, feasible and eco-friendly techniques. Targeting to the best solution, each project is studied and evaluated thoroughly, not only as an electromechanical and energy installation, but also as a subsystem of an investment with operational and architectural specialties. A strong cooperation with the rest of the design and construction team is highly suggested to achieve the desirable result – in accordance with the customer willingness and the legal framework.

Moreover, the permission procedure needed at each case is fully supported. Every business should comply with the relative administrative framework and a license should be issued in most cases. It is an administrative key factor that will enable its operation, future development and public funding.

I am at your disposal to discuss your ideas, explore your needs and design the best solutions for your project, together.