Naxos Electrical

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The electromechanical systems of each kind of building – from simple homes to heavy industries and five star hotels – are one of the most crucial factors for its effective, reliable and safe operation.

Their design is not only a part of the permission procedure for the construction license for a building. They should sufficiently cover the needs of the future users and their installation should not demand extensive structural changes (for pipe and cable routes, maintenance and safety access, etc).

In accordance with the user’s needs and the technical guidelines, we undertake the complete bouquet of the designs needed, and the supervision of the installation works, as:

  • Air – condition: heating, cooling, ventilation
  • Electrical: power lines, signal, automation, grounding, high voltage substation, generator / back-up system
  • Hydraulic works: water piping, sewage, pumping system, wastewater treatment
  • Fire security
  • Energy efficiency and savings
  • Swimming pools
  • Elevators