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The periodical check of an electric installation contributes to its safe and reliable operation. Having this check certification, it is not just one more bureaucratic obligation. Its purpose is the early diagnosis of possible damages or omissions that can lead to dangerous situations for the users and the infrastructure of the building, as electric shock from current leakage or fire because of electric short circuit. Only professional electricians who have the knowledge, training and testing equipment can hold those inspections according to the relative standards (ELOT HD384 and more recent)

Owning the proper certified and calibrated equipment (METREL ΜΙ3102) and expertise, we visit your place, we execute the required tests and we locate possible problems or deficiencies. The most recent ones are the inadequate grounding capacity and the incorrect response of the current leakage equipment (RCD). We inform the owner for the level of protection, and after their approval, we repair the installation. Only then, we issue the Certification asked by the Grid Operator (DEDDHE).

From everything above, we believe that we do not provide you with just a document, but with a higher level of safety for you, your family and partners and your property.