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The, as named, “Energy Efficiency Certificate” of a whole building or a building self-served part is asked by its owner before its rental or sale or when its construction is completed. Its purpose is to inform the possible new user for the level of its energy needs. It has duration of 10 years, or up to its renovation.

It is issued by an Authorized Energy Inspector, who records the structural attributes (position, thermal insulation, openings, etc) and the electromechanical systems (heating, cooling, hot water, etc) that affects the energy behavior of the building. With the use of special software, the building under inspection is compared with a reference construction and results into a graphical energy class. Moreover, the inspector suggests possible energy improvements.

I have the professional expertise and the authorization from the Technical Chamber of Greece – as a Highest Grade Energy Inspector – to undertake any energy inspection, no matter the size or the use of the examined building.