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Each business, no matter its kind and size, must comply with the relative legal functional specifications. When the complexity of the framework increases, a licensing procedure should be completed and a permit is issued by a state authority, certificating that the business works according to the law. The bigger a business is, the more the requirements that should be met.

For instance, in tourism sector, a small accommodation business of five rooms needs a simple notification procedure. A bigger two star hotel in the same area should follow a checking procedure with environmental, building, services and fire security inspections. In both cases, the necessary measures should be active.

Before the decision for the establishment of a business, the legal framework for the specific sector should be studied and the full checklist of legal requirements should be compiled: from region restrictions to security and building structural limitations, concerning the functionality and the feasibility of the evaluated investment.

Only after resolving all the raising issues, the business idea can be transformed to investment plan and the licensing procedure can begin. In parallel with everything above, we can assist you at the selection of possible equipment, its appropriate sitting and power supply, and funding.

Owning the needed expertise, experience and consistency, we will properly inform you and we will guide with safety and stability your new business route.